MWC Tactical Military Watch with LCD Digital Display. Functions Include Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Dual Time Zones and Step Counter - Brand New Pre-Production Watch Reduced

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We managed to obtain 4 pre-production watches from MWC in Germany apart from being in different packaging than the final production watches which were supplied to authorised MWC dealers such as ourselves they are exactly the same as the current 2023 model introduced in May of this year and with the same 2 year guarantee. The only reason they are reduced is because we do not want to mix up the two types of packaging amongst our stock.


MWC secured a large procurement contract to provide the earlier version of these watches to a military contractor who supplies police forces and other emergency services and government agencies in the U.S and Canada with a wide range of equipment includes watches.

They originally planned to offer these watches exclusively for bulk contract purchases but decided in 2022 to offer them for retail sale because there are very few watches which can offer so many advanced features for such a competitive price. This model is an updated version of their 2022 watch and the width has been reduced from 50 mm to 46 mm they have also taken on board certain other improvements such as improved visibility of the dial. The watch also uses an Electroluminescence Backlight, or EL Backlight for short, EL is a solid-state lighting source which uses colored phosphors to generate light. EL backlights have an advantage over many other light sources because they provide a very even and consistent light and are low power consumption and extremely resistant against vibration.

These robust and highly visible watches have multiple features designed to be utilized in a wide range of military, police, emergency services, aviation and civilian applications. The features include an altimeter that monitors your vertical movement and a barometer that enables you to monitor air pressure and see whether it's rising or falling, this feature enables you to determine both current and impending weather trends and prepare accordingly, this function can be very important because if you are in an exposed area or at sea the weather forecast is not always accurate but rapidly falling air pressure usually suggests that a low-pressure system bringing wet, stormy weather is moving your way and the faster it’s falling the more rapidly it is likely to arrive, the watch also has a built-in compass, temperature monitor, pedometer to count steps, dual time zone facility, countdown timer, alarm and backlight. The 18-month battery life is also exceptional for a watch with so many complex functions.

The watch has a robust stainless steel case with tempered glass and a high-quality nylon military webbing strap. The water resistance rating is 50M/5ATM/164ft. A full breakdown of the features and functions is set out below.

Altitude trend chart 24 hour Altitude trend chart
LCD Contrast 10 Level contrast adjustment of the LCD
Weather Forecast
Altimeter -700m -- 9000m / -1640ft -- 32760ft
Barometer 300hPa -- 1100hPa / 8.8 -- 32.6inHg
Thermometer -20℃ -- +60℃ / -4℉ -- +140℉
Alarm Clock 2 sets of alarm clock functions
Countdown timer 99:59:59--0
Stopwatch 0--99:59:59
Sunrise and sunset times Default 28 cities or you can set the latitude and longitude
Air pressure trend chart Over the last 48 hours
Backlight EL Backlight
Water Resistance 50M/5ATM/164ft


  • Diameter 46 mm
  • Thickness 14 mm
  • Strap Size 22mm
  • Weight 95g
  • Altimeter (altitude trend chart and climb rate)
  • Barometer (with air pressure trend chart)
  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Weather Forecast, World Time
  • Pedometer, step counter, calorie consumption, distance recording
  • Time functions: hour, minute, second, year(up to 2099), month, date, weekday,
  • Alarm clock (2 sets of alarm clock functions)
  • Countdown timer (99:59:59~0)
  • Stopwatch (0~:59:59),
  • Second Time zone functions
  • Incorporates digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, air pressure trends and altitude and altitude trend
  • Button for tone on or off
  • Battery life reminder
  • EL Backlight