MWC Prototype Digital Military Smart Watch To Clear - Needs a Battery and Checkover

£11.99 11.99
This watch was one of two samples which were in a security and military disposal sale.
We don't know very much about these watches other than that they were MWC prototypes they were in an auction with a box of other miscellaneous items. Our suspicion is, they were sample watches, which were made for a contract to supply a large number of these items, but we don't have any other details. Other than the fact they were two of them in the auction. We are only selling this one because a staff member kept the other one for his own use.
They will require replacement batteries because they are clearly some years old, but most likely the only issue is the battery. Unfortunately, there wasn't very much information at the sale. Other than a sticker on the box is saying not running, which doesn't exactly tell us very much, but it's reasonable to assume that as they are LCD prototypes, and some years old, they will most likely just require a replacement battery.


  • Width 44 mm
  • Thickness 14mm
  • Strap: 32mm
  • Tempered Glass Crystal
  • Water Resistance 50m / 165ft
  • Complete with Instruction Sheet