Latest MWC 2018 Military Pattern 22.5 cm (approx 9") Wall Clock

£29.95 29.95



MWC originally made the altimeter version of these clocks back in 2009 as a promotional item for their retailers and to supply to military bases for use in the mess but interest has been so great in clocks generally they have significantly expanded the range. Probably the main reason the clocks are so popular it that they are a great talking point in an office, workshop, garage, reception area etc. This new limited edition model is a variation of the same basic design.

The wall clocks measure 22.5 cm (approx 9") and is in a strong and robust High Impact Polycarbonate case. The clocks have a high accuracy quartz movement and silent sweep so that you avoid the annoying clicking which can be annoying with most quartz clocks. They are supplied ready to go and complete with battery. If you want something different and out of the ordinary this has to be it!