MWC 1970s/80s Pattern Automatic 24 Jewel Military Divers Watch with Ceramic Bezel and Sapphire Crystal

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SKU Code: MIL/ST/200M

This dive watch is typical of military divers watches made during the 1970s and early 1980s. The details are super accurate, and even the case finish and bezel design is very typical of the designs used at the time. Although the watch uses Luminova as opposed to the Tritium which was used in the 1970s it has an encircled T as opposed the L normally used for Luminova on military watches, this is for historical reasons. Luminova unlike Tritium does not deteriorate with age and is not radioactive.

We manufactured these watches for a contract in the United States which was placed by a procurement company, it's unlikely they would purchase exactly the same item in the future because as they are selling them as a commemorative watch hence it's unlikely this model would ever be made again once the existing watches are sold.

The watch has a 24 jewel self-winding automatic movement with a 41-hour power reserve. The case finish is very retro in appearance and identical to the case finish used around 50 years ago on many military divers watches. Although the watch is very retro in appearance, the movement is contemporary and therefore can be maintained and serviced by any competent watchmaker. 

The attention to detail is such that even the luminous pigment on the dial matches the colour used in the 1970s, as do the hands.

  • Dimensions – 40 mm diameter case, 47.5 mm lug-to-lug, 20 mm strap size
  • Case – 316L military grade stainless steel with typical 1970s Pattern Finish
  • Crown – Screw down, stainless steel
  • Ceramic scratch resistant bezel
  • Dial – Black with enhanced luminosity
  • Super Luminova
  • Movement – NH35A 24 jewel automatic with 41 hour reserve.
  • Screw Stainless Steel Case back with serial number
  • Glass – Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating *
  • Water resistance – 200 m / 660ft
  • 20 mm NATO Webbing Strap
  • 24 Months Guarantee

* A lot of people ask us what are the benefits of sapphire crystal over a standard mineral crystal? The answer is that synthetic sapphire is by far the best material for watch crystals because it is very strong and also shatter and scratch-resistant, these characteristics make it very appealing to military and security personnel, police officers and people who lead active outdoor lifestyles, these groups account for over 70% of our customers. To get things into perspective we find that when clients have accidents with watches resulting in a cracked crystal over 90% usually watches with mineral glass crystals, even factoring in that we use hardened mineral crystals they still do not come close to sapphire for durability under adverse conditions. The reason that sapphire crystals are so strong is that after the sapphire glass is manufactured it is also heat-treated to remove its internal stresses—which can cause weakness—it is then made into the watch crystals and two layers of anti-reflective coating are applied, interestingly sapphire crystal is now used on the latest iPhone. Of course, sapphire crystal comes at a price, hence you find that it's normally only fitted to higher-end watches.