GMT 2 Tone Red/Blue Bezel Insert Measuring 39mm X 30.7mm fits various brands including the MWC 300m Divers Watches and GMT models

£9.95 9.95

These GMT bezel inserts measure 39mm X 30.7mm and will fit various brands including MWC 300m Divers Watches which use an aluminium bezel insert, they also fit MWC GMT models (with Aluminium insert) we have a variety of colours which are all listed on the site.

We are finding that increasing numbers of customers need to view the time in two separate time zones in a way that is easy and without the need for additional hands or other complications, historically the solution was to buy a dedicated GMT Watch but this is not really necessary for most people because there is vastly simpler solution which is much easier to work with because a 12 hour bezel rather than the standard divers "count-up" pattern solves the issue.  The 12 hour bezel design is incredibly simple to use because unlike dedicated GMT watches which have an additional hand with these inserts you just offset the bezel by the required number of hours and you are good to go — for example Miami is 6 hours behind Paris and most other western European cities, this means if you are in Paris or Berlin and and its 3pm (15.00) and you want to know at a glance what time it is back in Florida, you would turn the bezel until 9 o'clock (09.00) appears alongside the 3 hour marker. Now, the hours in Florida correspond to the hours in Western Europe and that is all there is to it, frankly it couldn't be easier. These inserts enable the conversion of many divers watches, which, accept this particular insert size, such as MWC's from divers watches to GMT watches.