Set of 3 Brand New Military Razors made for various military contracts which were originally photographic samples

£193.00 £49.95 49.95


We discovered three razors which were part of a large contract in 2016 and were the original samples which were used for the actual photographs which we used at the time. They are all brand, new and unused, and reduced to clear as a set of three. We actually retailed these watches back in 2016 via some of our dealers, as you can see in the image of our site from 2016 the two double edged blade razors, one of which is open comb and one of which is closed comb retailed at £69.95/€81.50/US$87.75 back in 2016. The other razor, which uses Gillette Mach 3 blades is an item which we still stock and sells at £49.95 in the UK, €59.00 in Europe and US$62.50 in the US. Also, a pack of blades is included which normally retail at £3.95/€4.75/US$4.99)

In summary, this is what the set of three comprises of with one of each.

  • Open Comb Razor
  • Closed Comb Razor
  • Razor Compatible with Gillette Mach 3 Blades
  • Pack of Astra Blades for the two double edged blade razors