A-17 U.S 1950s Korean War Pattern Military Watch (Mechanical/Quartz Hybrid) with 100m Water Resistance - - Brand New But Surplus Stock Might Needs a New Battery - Below Half Normal Retail Price!!

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We secured a small quantity of these watches from a defense industries clearance sale. All are brand new in their original boxes, based on the age quoted (30 months) at the auction they could well require a battery now, or in the near future but we looked at them and most were running.

We haven't managed to secure these before at a reduced price but we suspect that a company purchased a bulk quantity used some, forgot about the others and subsequently decided to clear them.

They were probably purchased for some sort of commemorative event and we regularly seem to come across various items where Covid intervened, and prevented certain things taking place, we are fairly confident that they were a commemorative watch because two of them had been especially engraved with commemorative markings regarding the 20th Special Operations Squadron which was a USAF squadron in Vietnam and we decided to keep those two.

The watches were accompanied by a batch of plain casebacks, this suggests something involving engraving hence the two watches referred to above. If required, we can supply a case back as well should you wish to engrave one of the watches. The watches currently have the standard factory caseback as shown in the images.


SKU Code: A-17/100QZ

This recreation is based closely on the original World War Two design from 1943 but has the advantage that it is now equipped with a high-performance hybrid movement, glass crystal, screw caseback, and 100m water resistance.

The MWC hybrid watches essentially combine the best of new and traditional watchmaking technology. They encompass features from both MWC's conventional automatic and quartz models resulting in a hybrid ultra-low maintenance movement. The hybrid movement has a battery powering the movement through coils and a quartz oscillator, but the hands are mechanically actuated and controlled. Essentially the movement is mechanical except it's powered by a battery and regulated by a crystal the only thing it doesn't have is a spring. This watch offers the ideal choice for buyers who would prefer the sweep secondhand as seen in automatic watches with the hassle-free maintenance benefits of a quartz watch.

Returning to the original watches made back in WW2 these were made in a variety of slightly different styles by Elgin, Bulova, and Waltham but were all based on an original US government specification laid down at the time. This watch is closest in appearance to the Elgin 539 which used a 15 or 16 jewel movement and was made for the USAAF between 1940 and 1945. The original watch was made from plated base metal (to save steel) but this modern recreation is solid stainless steel so it should stand the test of time better than the originals.

The history of our recreation and how it came into going back over 13 years to January 2009 when MWC were approached by a US veterans association who asked them to examine the viability of making a watch that was identical in appearance to the original watches which were made by Hamilton, Bulova, and Benrus during the Vietnam war. They were sent samples of watches to examine and also the original specification sheets and the result was a watch which was very close to the original and used a high grade fully jeweled hand-wound movement, this watch was the GG-W-113 which they still make. As a result of making that watch, they were contacted again with a view to recreating this even earlier model because these are now almost impossible to find in good sound condition. The reason that finding one is good order is difficult is primarily because as outlined above most were made from 1943 onwards when resources were limited and hence cheap metal was used. This 1950s pattern A-17 watch sits between the 1940s A-11 and the 1960s GG-W-113.

This model was developed in 2019 to retain the general appearance of the 1950s watches but with multiple upgrades such as the screw-down crown, 100m water resistance, and screw caseback as well as the hybrid movement.

  • Width Inc Crown: 40mm
  • Width Exc Crown: 38mm
  • Hardened Crystal
  • Thickness: 11.5mm
  • Weight: 52g
  • Lug Size: 20mm
  • Lug to lug is 45mm
  • 100m Water Resistance
  • Screw caseback and crown
  • Hybrid movement with "Hack System"
  • 20mm Nylon Webbing Strap