18mm High Quality Brown Calf Leather Watch Strap with Soft Nubuck Leather Lining.

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SKU: W105S/18

Made from genuine calf leather, these Brown Stitched Leather Watch Straps are a very popular design

Additionally, with a flat profile, this classic design will suit a multitude of timepieces: from military watches to most civilian contemporary styles.

Furthermore, this strap has stitched edges for a quality finish. The holes are round with a clean, square, aluminium buckle in a chrome finish. The tip of the strap is also squared off.

Moreover, the strap has a soft, nubuck genuine leather lining for maximum comfort.

Main benefits of this watch strap

  • Made with genuine calf leather
  • Flat profile suitable for wide range of watches
  • Lined with soft nubuck genuine leather
  • Stitched edges
  • Standard straight spring bar fitting
  • Chrome finish aluminium buckle
  • Available in width 18mm

Taper and Length

This watch strap tapers in width from the case to the buckle, the strap is 18mm at the case tapering to 16mm at the buckle – Length: 115/75 – Total Length: 190mm

Please note the length in mm of the two strap pieces is shown as two numbers e.g. 115/75 denotes that the long piece is 115mm and the short piece is 75mm. The total length of 190mm excludes the buckle.