Rare 2007 Pattern MWC PVD G10BH 50m (165ft) Water Resistant NATO Pattern Military Watch - New but Not Running Probably just a battery

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This watch is a rare 2007 pattern G10, this exact model was only made for a contract MWC secured 11 years ago but is a variant of the standard PVD G10.

We buy these watches from various defence auctions and other disposal sales and it's frequently the case that we find that there is actually nothing wrong with the watch but it has to be assumed it will have some form of fault though in most cases it's very minor or as described below. These watches are disposed of at low-cost because we find that one of the problems is pressure of time for our service staff in the UK and elsewhere and in most cases they have given them a quick check over and nothing is immediately apparent though we have to assume that there is either no real fault with the watch or something will reveal itself over time in which case it’s normally a simple case of a service, repair or battery exchange depending on the exact model

Model: G1

Condition: Brand new with plastic still on face and caseback

Fault: Not Running because it has been in storage for 11 years. These watches are now very rare and are closely related to the original MWC G10 model from the 1980s with perspex crystal in general design except these have a hardened mineral crystal.


Below is the Factory Description of the current MWC G10 (SKU: G1) Model which was developed from this watch.

This MWC model retains the battery hatch which has been discarded by most other manufacturers and is a very useful feature which saves considerable expense when a replacement battery is required. This model has impact resistant glass, using actual glass means that the watch is very resistant to minor scratches and also gives the watch a much cleaner and more streamlined appearance. With the exception of ourselves most other manufacturers still continue to use plastic/acrylic glasses for their G10 watches which has the drawback that they are very easily scratched. The watch also uses Super-Luminova for improved night time visibility. Super-Luminova operates like a light battery. After sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light, they glow in the dark until the luminosity gradually diminishes although larger markings are often visible for the whole night. This activation and subsequent light emission process can be repeated again and again, and the material does not suffer any aging. The other advantage is that Super-LumiNova pigments are 100% free of radioactivity.

This variant of our G10 is one of our most tried and tested G10 models and in its earlier variants has been in service nearly 40 years. A large number of serving military on deployments over many years have evaluated this model with very favorable reports with regard to long term reliability and general durability.

The back of the case bears various contract markings.