Professional Long Range Wireless Video and Audio Signal Receiver System in Discreet Carry Case

£495.00 495.00


This wide range wireless video and audio receiver system is housed in a discreet carrying case, inside is a 5 inch TFT LCD display, the receiver can work with any frequency from 900mhz to 2100mhz, it supports auto scan and manual scan mode to search for video signals and can be used for camera detection purposes as well as monitoring your own installed cameras, there is a built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with AC charger and car power supply, the system use microware video transfer technic to transmit long distances from the wireless camera to the video and audio signal receiver, it is easy to operate and supports MP4 or DV to record the video for law enforcement or security purposes.

  • Supports AV input/output 
  • Supports auto/manual scan frequency(890—2100MHZ/FM) 
  • Frequency lock function (when scanning a stable frequency at auto scan mode it will stop auto scanning)
  • Supports video rotate 180 degree function 
  • Audio off function (turns off audio so you can just watch the video feed) 
  • Supports display off, power save mode (turn off the display and use listen only) 
  • Display current frequency 
  • Supports volume and brightness adjust 
  • Can be powered on a cars electrical system

  • Display: 5inch TFT-LCD 
  • Frequency range: 0.9-1.7Ghz 
  • Receiver sensitive: -85dbm
  • FM Antenna port: SMA 50
  • Audio: 5.5M 
  • Video output: 75 1Vp-p 
  • Audio output: 2Vp-p 
  • AV input/output: 3.5 stereo 
  • plug Working votlage: AC220V/DC10~13v 
  • Working current: 750~820mah
  • Battery capacity: 12V/2600ma/h