MWC G10 PVD Stealth 100m Water Resistant Military Watch - Not Running but 11 Years Old So May Well be Just a Battery Needed

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This watch is a G10/PVD/100M below is a full description of this particular watch and the issues which it has (or is reported to have because in many cases the watches do not have significant issues, below that is the full information relating to this model from the factory website which gives full details of all of the dimensions, specification and other information relating to the watch.

We buy these watches from various defence auctions and other disposal sales and it's frequently the case that we find that there is actually nothing wrong with the watch but it has to be assumed it will have some form of fault though in most cases it's very minor or as described below. These watches are disposed of at low-cost because we find that one of the problems is pressure of time for our service staff in the UK and elsewhere and in most cases they have given them a quick check over and nothing is immediately apparent though we have to assume that there is either no real fault with the watch or something will reveal itself over time in which case it’s normally a simple case of a service, repair or battery exchange depending on the exact model.

Model: G10/PVD/100M

Condition: Sound but Issued Condition and came from a Military Sale.

Fault: The watch was made in 2010 and is not running but could well be just a battery needed because the battery life is 10 years.


Factory Description:

SKU Code: G10/PVD/100M

The 100m G10 models are among the highest specification G10 military watches in production anywhere in the world with a water resistance rating of 100m/330ft, screw down crown and caseback and an incredible 10 year battery life. Although this G10/98 Specification watch traces it's origins right back to MWC's earliest G10 designs from the 1980's when this 100m model was introduced for contracts some years back it represented the most radical upgrade and specification enhancement since they updated their standard 50m G10 models in 2004. 

Whilst the screw down crown and screw caseback greatly improve the water resistance the upgrade to the Ronda 715li movement with 10 year battery life significantly reduces the maintenance requirements of the watch. The special covert matt black non reflective PVD finish of this model is often specified in military contracts for many special forces units. In the PVD process the steel is not black all the way through because the color is created by a special chemical PVD plating process which is vastly superior to painted finishes used on some lower quality watches which can quickly fade or rub off. This PVD process means that the color of the steel is altered at a molecular level, therefore it will not deteriorate even during heavy usage although it can be compromised if the case is badly damaged by a piece of metal being gouged out or if it's worn down by really heavy abrasion against rocks or something similar.

Interestingly MWC have seen some of their PVD divers watches coming in for service which they made over 20 years ago and often the watch is in very poor condition with significant damage and signs of wear but the PVD case is normally still in excellent condition so it is clearly very durable. You also need to factor in that the PVD process has improved over the years so there is very little chance of ever breaking through to the steel underneath.

If you are looking for a solid black stainless steel military watch that is both discreet and has a much higher than usual water resistance rating then this top of the range model is ideal.

The G10 100m Stealth is very rugged and is designed to survive the most extreme of conditions. It is supplied with a current issue black NATO webbing strap although we can supply most other colours as additional straps in the Nato strap section such as grey, Grey/Black know as James Bond pattern, Navy or Olive. The back of the case bears various contract markings in addition to the watches serial number.


  • Case Diameter: 40mm Excluding the crown
  • Case Diameter: 42mm Including the crown
  • Lug to Lug: 46mm
  • Thickness: 13mm
  • Weight ca 63g
  • Dial Colour: Black
  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel PVD
  • Caseback: Screw down, 316L Stainless Steel
  • Crown: Screw Down 316L Stainless Steel PVD
  • Water Resistance: 10atm (100m/330ft)
  • Battery: CR2016 Lithium - Estimated life 10 years
  • Glass: Hardened Mineral Glass
  • Movement: Ronda 715li with date window
  • Strap: 20mm NATO