MWC 300m / 1000ft Black PVD Stainless Steel Hybrid Military Divers Watch on Matching Bracelet (Ex Display)

£249.00 £125.00 125.00


This watch was bought with some others at a military and security industries clearance sale and has soiled packaging but the watch itself  is brand new and perfect with a £125 saving off the regular price.

This PVD non reflective black divers watch is among the latest divers watches in MWC's range with 300m (1000ft) Water Resistance rating, screw down crown, screw caseback, Super Luminova and a sophisticated hybrid movement which combines the characteristics of an automatic watch with the benefits of a highly accurate quartz movement.

The MWC Hybrid range use a special rechargeable Lithium–Titanate power cell, this sophisticated hybrid movement combines the characteristics of an automatic watch because it is charged by wrist movement with quartz accuracy. The Lithium–Titanate rechargeable cell is vastly superior to a normal watch battery where new batteries are often needed at regular intervals. When fully charged the watch has a 3 month power reserve so even if you only wear it for a few weeks a year it will then keep running for 3 months as opposed to around 36 hours with a standard mechanical automatic watch. You will also have plenty of warning when the power reserve is low because the second hand will start moving at two-second intervals instead of the normal one-second intervals, the watch will run down in approximately 12 hours once this happens unless it is worn (or put on a watch winder) to get the Lithium–Titanate cell charged up again. The watch also has a hacking feature for synchronization or to enable you to stop the watch running and conserve power if it won't be used for an extended period.

With such a sophisticated movement the MWC Hybrid divers watch is currently among the highest specification divers watch of its type available from any manufacturer. Essentially this model combines the best of new and traditional watchmaking technology. It combines features from the conventional automatic and quartz models with a hybrid ultra low maintenance movement.

MWC designed these watches specifically for a government contract when it was pointed out they would not be used continuously and for this reason the ability to be kept in storage and issued when required whilst still remain accurate and ready for use when needed was a vital consideration. Clearly this makes sense because if the watches are not being used all the time the last thing a government department or military unit would want is to remove them from the stores only to find that the batteries are flat! Provided the hacking function is used the watches can be utilized at very short notice and once on the wrist will charge themselves continuously.

The standard MWC divers watch is one of their most tried and tested models and in its earlier quartz variants has been in service for several decades but this model offers an alternative to buyers who want something with cutting edge technology and very low maintenance. 

The watch supplied on a matching PVD bracelet. The reverse of the case carries various contract markings.

Dimensions and Specification:

  • 300m / 1000ft Water Resistant
  • Movement: Hybrid Mechanical/Quartz
  • Screwdown crown
  • Width Inc Crown 45mm (Exc Crown 40mm)
  • Thickness 15mm
  • Crystal Diameter 31mm
  • Lug to Lug 49mm 
  • Weight 89.5g
  • 20mm Matching PVD Bracelet
Please Note: Hybrid and Kinetic Watches cannot be wound when not in use in the same way as automatic watches using a conventional watchwinder. This is because the movement of the winder is too gentle to generate the power needed. The solution is to buy a SEIKO YT02A KINETIC WATCH ENERGY SUPPLIER but they are quite costly at around $300 the cheap solution bizarrely is a Braun or Oral B toothbrush. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6NijuqOD_k and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNYTTqftcvk our watchmaker confirms this is a very workable cost effective solution if the watch is not used regularly. Strange we know but with a Braun or Oral B toothbrush from around $25 / £20 / €22 it is a simple solution.