MWC 300m Automatic Military Divers Watch with Tritium GTLS Tubes - Running But Might Need a Checkover

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This watch is a SUB/SL/SS/BNQ below is a full description of this particular watch and the issues which it has (or is reported to have because in many cases the watches do not have significant issues, below that is the full information relating to this model from the factory website which gives full details of all of the dimensions, specification and other information relating to the watch.

We buy these watches from various defence auctions and other disposal sales and it's frequently the case that we find that there is actually nothing wrong with the watch but it has to be assumed it will have some form of fault though in most cases it's very minor or as described below. These watches are disposed of at low-cost because we find that one of the problems is pressure of time for our service staff in the UK and elsewhere and in most cases they have given them a quick check over and nothing is immediately apparent though we have to assume that there is either no real fault with the watch or something will reveal itself over time in which case it’s normally a simple case of a service, repair or battery exchange depending on the exact model.


Condition: Excellent as in images of the watch here

Fault: Running fine but when it came in from a military and security industries sale, it was running fine and we set it to the right time but when the Watch is actually arrived I adore office with some other items it was 45 minutes slow. This is unusual for a quartz watch so we suspect it might need a new battery or some other minor attention, even in a worst case scenario, if it requires a new movement, it is not particularly costly to make the swap for somebody with basic horological skills or access to a friendly watchmaker.



These brand new recently uprated military divers watch in stainless steel is one of MWC’s latest models with a high-performance Ronda 715li movement which an incredible 10-year battery life. This model has Tritium GLTS self-luminous light sources and a shatter-resistant sapphire crystal as well as a ceramic bezel which is extremely scratch-resistant and durable compared to aluminium, the watch represents excellent value for a military self-luminous tritium divers watch with such a high specification.
The Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS) on these watches make them the easiest watches in the world to see in low light or night conditions. The Tritium vials on the H3 dial illuminate up to 100 times brighter than any other watch dial, so you can easily identify the time at a second's glance. To compare Tritium GTLS tubes and Super-LumiNova click here
The watch measures 45mm including the crown and 40mm excluding the crown although it uses the same 20mm NATO strap as many other military divers watches. 

Dimensions and Specification: 
  • 300m / 1000ft Water Resistant
  • Movement: Ronda 715li with 10-year battery life
  • GTLS Tritium Light Sources
  • Ceramic Bezel
  • Screwdown crown
  • Scratch and Shatter Resistant Sapphire Crystal *
  • Width Inc Crown 45mm (Exc Crown 40mm)
  • Thickness 15mm
  • Crystal Diameter 31mm
  • Lug to Lug 49mm 
  • 20mm NATO Webbing Strap

* A lot of people ask us what are the benefits of sapphire crystal over a standard mineral crystal? The answer is that synthetic sapphire is by far the best material for watch crystals because it is very strong and also shatter and scratch-resistant, these characteristics make it very appealing to military and security personnel, police officers and people who lead active outdoor lifestyles, these groups account for over 70% of our customers. To get things into perspective we find that when clients have accidents with watches resulting in a cracked crystal over 90% are usually watches with mineral glass crystals, even factoring in that we use hardened mineral crystals they still do not come close to sapphire for durability under adverse conditions. The reason that sapphire crystals are so strong is that after the sapphire glass is manufactured it is also heat-treated to remove its internal stresses—which can cause weakness—it is then made into the watch crystals and two layers of anti-reflective coating are applied, interestingly sapphire crystal is now used on the latest iPhone. Of course, sapphire crystal comes at a price hence you find that it's normally only fitted to higher-end watches.