MWC 20mm Silicone Watch Strap with Orange Stitching

£9.95 9.95


These straps are ideal for use with MWC or other brands of divers watches which have spring pins or screw pins such as the MWC divers watch range as well as any other watches with spring pins which accept a 20mm strap.
  • A superbly crafted black silicone rubber watch strap with orange stitching.
  • The quality of manufacture and definition of the texturing are sharp.
  • The short ( buckle side) is 85mm long. The longer ( holed ) side is 120mm long .
  • The 20mm strap tapers to 18mm at the buckle.
  • The buckle is shiny Stainless Steel.
  • The strap is fitted with 2 floating keepers.