LOCTITE 243 Thread Adhesive Sealant to Secure Screw in Watch Pins

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LOCTITE 243 is a fast acting thread, lock and sealant which stops screw in pins and bracelet links either vibrating loose or working loose over time. Loctite 243 seals threads against leaks and corrosion and is of medium strength, easily undone with mini-screwdrivers or watchmaking tools.
In addition to use with watches and clocks its ideal for items such as securing screws in instruments such as cockpit clocks or to prevent screws in electronic items such as computers or phones working loose.

Please note that although its possible that if you remove links in a watch bracelet or the the screw in lug pins they might be fine without using Loctite 243 or a similar product (if they are very tight) in our watchmakers opinion it's not worth the risk because if the pins fail and work loose the watch could come off your wrist be written off.