Bundle of 5 MWC Watches For Repair - 2 x G10LM, 1 x 300m Quartz Divers Watch, G10/PB, G10 100m GTLS with Tritium

£409.00 £49.00 49.00

Please note the sale is for 5 watches 

1 x G10 50m Battery Hatch model  (Crystal Needed)

2 x MWC 50m G10LM (Probably just need batteries)

1 x G10 100m Ronda 715li GTLS Quartz Model (Crystal Needed)

1 x MWC Divers Watch (1999) (Battery and Bezel Needed)

We buy these watches from various defence auctions and other disposal sales, the watches are disposed of at low-cost because we find that one of the problems is the pressure of time for our service staff to refurbish them but there is good profit to be made for anyone with basic watchmaking skills.

Models: 2 x G10LM, 1 x 300m Quartz Divers Watch, G10/PB, G10 100m GTLS with Tritium Tubes

Condition: Some of the watches probably just need a battery others need battery and crystal as shown in the images. The Diver needs a bezel replacement.

Faults: As described if needed we can supply crystals if needed.

The retails prices and specs of the watches are shown below on the factory website:

100m Stainless G10 GTLS

Discontinued Model was £295.00/$385.00

G10 50m Battery Hatch




Divers Watch

This model is the same spec https://www.mwcwatches.com/products/mwc-1999-2001-pattern-quartz-military-divers-watch-brand-new-unissued-in-presentation-box?_pos=1&_sid=d24548547&_ss=r

The total cost of the watches new is £665.50 / €795.00 / $865.00 so there is potential to make some good profit for a person with basic horological skills.