Bundle of 4 x Vietnam Watches All Need Batteries one Needs a Hand Reset

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Please note the sale is for  a bundle of 4 watches  

We buy these watches from various defence auctions and other disposal sales, the watches are disposed of at low-cost but it's very straightforward for anyone with basic horological skills to repair or refurbish them and there is good profit to be made.


4 x Vietnam Watch

These watches are the predecessor to the model switch MWC still make, which can be seen here https://mwcwatches.com/products/mwc-classic-1960s-70s-pattern-olive-vietnam-watch-on-khaki-strap?_pos=3&_sid=75d94ac8d&_ss=r

Condition: These watches all came in from a clearance sale and are unused, but as far as the age is concerned, they are between 20 and 25 years old so none are running and they would all need new batteries and a check over also two need the second hand resetting. They are an unusual cross-section of old MWC models (one MWC was made for a company called U.S Time) some of these look to be new and all have new straps.

Faults: None are running so likely just batteries needed and a check over. One needs a hand resetting as well but the others likely just need a battery and a check over.