8 x Brand New MWC Classic Vietnam Watch Cases Compatible with a Miyota 2035 Movement

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8 x MWC Classic Vietnam Watch Cases

We bought a quantity of these parts at an auction they consist of case, caseback and pins. The case is compatible with a Miyota 2035 movement.


Below is Spec for the Models which used these cases

These watches are quite an old pattern MWC has not made this  model in this exact specification for around 25 years. The watches are virtually identical in appearance to the watches used by American troops in the Vietnam war during the 1960s and early 1970s. MWC still produce several US variants in both covert black and the original olive drab, and whilst the current watches still retain the plexiglass acrylic crystal these cases are the closest to the originals.


  •     Thickness 8 mm
  •     Strap size 18 mm
  •     Strap type: Military Webbing Strap
  •     Width incl crown 36 mm
  •     Width excl crown 33 mm
  •     Crystal diameter 29 mm
  •     Crystal: Plexiglass / Acrylic
  •     Movement Miyota 2035 Quartz
  •     Water resistance 30 m (99 ft)


SKU Code: MIL/46374/B
The original US military specification MIL-W-46374 was published on 30 October 1964 the objective of this specification was to set out the basic requirements for a straightforward low-cost watch to be issued to the U.S military. The actual wording from the original specification is below. 
"This specification covers one type of plastic-cased wristwatch intended for use where a high degree of accuracy is not required. The watch is not intended to receive maintenance support within the military supply system."
These 1960’s disposable field watches were simple watches with a one-piece case design manufactured from plastic material measuring 35.5 mm with a simple non-hacking handwound movement.
In essence, this 1964 specification called for a disposable watch in a plastic case it had minimal water resistance, minimal protection from shock, vibration or temperature extremes.
Interestingly the general dial design of the MIL-W-46374C was very much in line with current military dials, for example, if you search the current US Mil-Spec MIL-W-46374G on google you will see that the dial design laid down 55 years ago in MIL-W-46374C is still pretty much the same today.
The interesting twist with these watches was that we noticed starting in the late 1990s that more and more serving military were calling and asking if we knew where they could obtain one of these models. Interestingly this coincided with a massive reduction in the number of U.S military watches being issued to serving personnel plus a change in U.S. military issued performance standards for watches. The change was primarily based on results expected as opposed to details of construction and appearance. The result of this change was that commercial watches that met the standards became accepted military supply items along with specialized watches that still complied to military-specific designs. By the time of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many military personnel wore the watch they personally preferred rather than a standard GI watch. It was because of this move to a watch of choice we asked a lot of military clients who bought quantities of watches for sale in PX stores etc whether an updated remake of the MIL-W-46374C made sense. The usual reply was that they liked the appearance but could the watch be updated to quartz for improved accuracy? After batting the idea around it was decided between a partner in the U.S and ourselves back in 1994 that it made sense to make a more durable and maintainable product but still at a competitive price and in order to achieve this the design was upgraded from the original plastic case to metal and the movement from a cheap mechanical to a reliable and accurate quartz alternative. The primary goal was to retain the exact appearance of the original but bring it up to modern standards the result was this model - for comparison, an original watch can be seen in the final image.

  • Diameter Excluding Crown 36mm
  • Lug to Lug 40mm
  • Crystal Diameter 34mm
  • Luminous Material: Luminova
  • Miyota 2035 Quartz Movement
  • Plexiglass Crystal
  • Thickness 10mm
  • Weight: 38g Approx Once the Movement is Fitted