3 x MWC Classic MKVI 1980s Pattern US military Watches (Look new and probably just need batteries)

£59.95 59.95

3 x MWC MKVI 1980s Pattern Military Watches

We discovered these MKVI watches during a stock check, they are MWC models made in around 1995/2000 and hence are now quite rare. For some reason these were missed and not registered on the system but we suspect they were former display samples as there were 3 identical watches together in a box, the battery life of the watches is normally three years (sometimes a bit more) so this means the batteries need replacement, these watches all look brand-new and in perfect condition as in the images etc so it’s very unlikely they need anything other than a battery swap. They are reduced to just £59.95 for all four (when last sold in 2008 the MKVI watches were £49.95 each!) because it is not practical to return them back to one of our offices for the batteries to be changed or to be sent to MWC because by the time we have factored in the shipping costs back and forth it would not be worthwhile. 

As mentioned the watches probably just need batteries but there are two additional watches shown in the final image included free of charge which could be used for spares if anything is needed.