4 x MWC Classic 1960s/70s Pattern Vietnam Watches 2 x Black and 2 x Olive on Webbing Straps (New but need batteries)

£45.00 45.00


4 x MWC Classic 1960s/70s Pattern Vietnam Watches

We discovered these watches during a stock check, they are MWC Vietnam watches made in around 2010. For some reason a box of them were missed and not registered on the system at the time of delivery, the battery life of the watches is normally three years (sometimes a bit more) so this means the batteries will need replacement and the watches given a quick checkover but because they are new (as can be seen in the images) we have to assume other than that they are fine. They are reduced to just £45.00 for all four (normally the watches are £36.50 each!) because it is not practical to return them back to one of our offices for the batteries to be changed or to be sent to MWC because by the time we have factored in the shipping costs back and forth it would not be worthwhile. 



MWC's Vietnam Watches are virtually identical in appearance to the watches used by American troops in the Vietnam war during the 1960s and 1970s they produce two variants in both covert black and the original olive drab.

MWC manufactured the plastic Vietnam watches for many years which were based on the original Vietnam models which you can see when you click this link where there are various images and details. The actual US Military Issue models were made of plastic because they were deemed disposable and of course the problem for MWC with making their own Vietnam watches in plastic is they were in effect very basic just like the originals so in 2010 they decided to completely rethink the watch and whilst keeping the original appearance, weight and feel they switched to all metal construction which means that although the watch looks very close to the originals it is vastly superior in both durability and general quality.


  •     Thickness 8 mm
  •     Strap size 18 mm
  •     Strap type: US Pattern Military Strap
  •     Width incl crown 36 mm
  •     Width excl crown 33 mm
  •     Crystal diameter 29 mm
  •     Movement Quartz