4 x Mixed G10 Watches as details below one is a GTLS Titanium Model - All Suitable for Repair

£115.00 115.00

4 x MWC G10 Watches - 3 Running and 1 for Parts

1 x MWC G10 PVD 50m Battery Hatch Model
1 x MWC G10 100m Automatic 
1 x Titanium Case Tritium GTLS Model
1 x G10 Stainless Steel Battery Hatch Model for parts or repair

This batch of 3 watches consists of the various G10 models as pictured in the attached images. All of these watches are running.

Issues as as below:

  • The 50m PVD Battery Hatch Model is ex issue and the crown comes out but it's running fine.
  • The 100m automatic is very clean and running fine but needs a pin and a crown.
  • The Titanium G10 is running and in mint condition but the second hand needs resetting.
  • The watch for parts is a 2011 model although it's got a smashed crystal the movement likely just has a flat battery and could be useful as it shares or to be repaired because it shares many common parts with the other steel G10's (this is the watch in the last 4 images)

We bought watches as a military and security industries sale based on our experience in the past many of the watches we buy are simply old stock that requires a battery fitted and nothing else but there can be no certainty but when an item looks brand-new and unused this is very frequently the case.