24mm FKM (Patterned) Rubber Strap with Quick Release Feature for Fast and Easy Fitting and Removal

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FKM is the abbreviation of Fluoroelastomer, which is a sophisticated synthetic rubber which is extremely dense, this makes it both ultra durable and highly resistant to water, chemicals, oil and heat, it was originally developed for use by the aerospace industry for both aircraft and space applications hence the requirement that it be ultra reliable and long lasting. It is these characteristics which make these straps popular with military personnel, police officers and professional divers because even frequent exposure to bright light does not degrade them as occurs with normal rubber straps. 

These FKM rubber straps also have a quick release system to enable them to be removed from a watch quickly without the need for any tools permitting the user to alternate between different straps with minimal delay. This is achieved by using a cylindrical quick release button on one side of the strap.

Benefits are:

  • Totally water-proof and chemical/dust/dirt resistant
  • Solid 316L stainless steel fastener.
  • Quick release feature for fast and easy fitment or removal
  • Very light and soft for maximum comfort
  • Highly durable

Customers often ask why all rubber straps are not made of this material considering the benefits and that there are no downsides but the main factor is that the cost is prohibitive compared to other types of rubber or silicone, meaning that their use must be justifiable with a need for their outstanding performance and durability benefits, this is the reason why they are frequently specified for challenging applications.

These straps are the ideal replacement for both dive watches and standard infantry watches.