18mm NATO Military Watch Strap in 1970s Pattern US Military Olive/Khaki Material

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This classic NATO watchband, crafted from fast-drying ballistic nylon webbing, features a color specified by US forces in the 1970s. While it visually resembles the vintage military straps from 50 years ago, it uses contemporary materials that are robust, comfortable, and long-lasting. Many buyers appreciated the appealing look of our US straps in this color, especially when fitted on retro watches and consequently they requested that we make a NATO variant utilising the same colour and retro material finish. These watch straps are perfect for extreme activities, as their design reduces the risk of losing a watch to virtually zero. The strap secures the watch at two different points, making it almost impossible for it to come off the wrist.

The history of the NATO strap is intriguing, starting with the single grey 20mm band oveer 50 years ago. It expanded to include RAF Blue, Black, and Navy Blue, followed by the James Bond pattern strap and Olive Green. Since then, we have developed numerous variants in regimental colors, Search and Rescue (SAR) orange, national colors, police unit colors, and various camouflage options for specific situations. These straps are frequently used by military units outside the UK and are often purchased by serving military personnel for a wide variety of watches.

Currently, we supply in total 167 different variants in various colors. While most of these straps are made for retail sale, some are produced via procurement contracts.

The original specification for what we now call "the NATO strap" was laid down by the UK Ministry of Defence as Defence Standard 66-47 Issue 2, published on March 30, 2001. Preceding specifications include Def Stan 66-47 Issue 1 (November 13, 1992), Def Stan 66-15 (Part 1) Issue 1 (November 30, 1973), and Def Stan 66-15 (Part 2) Issue 1 (January 31, 1974). The current specification data sheet can be downloaded here. While this specification is not entirely rigid, it largely adheres to the original design, with most bulk contracts requiring stitching around the buckles.

For over 40 years we have supplied these these straps to a diverse range of clients, including military personnel, police, emergency services, exploration units, Search and Rescue teams, oil and gas companies, marine salvage and exploration businesses, and companies operating in tropical or desert locations. NATO straps are unmatched for these organizations because they can be easily washed, dry quickly, and do not rot like leather or split like silicone.

NATO straps are also ideal for watches made by leading military contractors as well as robust civilian watches such as Seiko, Rolex, Breitling, and Pulsar.


  • Material: Ballistic nylon webbing
  • Lug Size: 18mm
  • Color: Olive Green (specified by US forces in the 1970s)
  • Length: Approximately 27cm excluding the buckle
  • Features: Fast-drying, robust, comfortable, long-lasting, secure at two points
  • Ideal for: Extreme activities, military use, retro and contemporary watches
  • Compatible Brands: Seiko, CWC, Rolex, Breitling, Pulsar, and more