Rare MWC SCRT 1960s/70s Vietnam Pattern Watch on Matching Webbing Strap (New but Needs a New Battery)

£34.95 £15.95 15.95

We discovered during a stock check that we have a few of these watches in storage at our fulfilment centre which were purchased at the beginning of 2018 but were missed and not registered on the system at the time of delivery, the battery life of the watches is normally three years (sometimes a bit more) so this means the battery would need replacing. Having said that replacing the battery is a simple task and on average costs $7 or £5 to have it done professionally and it's easy enough to do it yourself if you know the procedure see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09Vm-QdoruA these watches are all brand-new and in perfect condition because they were in a sealed box as received from the manufacturer. They are reduced to under half price because it simply isn't practical for them to be returned back to one of our offices for the batteries to be changed or to be sent to MWC because by the time we have factored in the shipping costs back and forth it would not be worthwhile. As a result they are a bargain at over 50% off.



This watch is a variant of one of MWC's Vietnam Watches, we are aware that they were made for a contract but we're not quite clear for whom but a US military contact is pretty sure it was for SCRT which staffed from U.S. Battalion 66, comprised of Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 294th Infantry Regiment. The watches are visually virtually identical in appearance to the watches used by American troops in the Vietnam war during the 1960s and 1970s.


  •     Thickness 8 mm
  •     Strap size 18 mm
  •     Strap type: US Pattern Military Strap
  •     Width incl crown 36 mm
  •     Width excl crown 33 mm
  •     Crystal diameter 29 mm
  •     Movement Quartz
  •     Water resistance 30 m (99 ft)
  •     Supplied in a tin