MWC 300m / 1000ft PVD Steel Military Divers Watch (Quartz) - Surplus Stock from a Security/Military Sale to Clear at under Half Price!

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We obtained a quantity of these watches at a recent clearance sale they are contract surplus but brand new and in their original tins. You do not have a large quantity and once they are sold it is unlikely we would be able to obtain anymore because MWC only make this watch now in the automatic variant.


These contemporary military divers watches in a covert black PVD stainless steel finish have a high-performance Ronda 715li quartz movement which provides an incredible 10-year battery life and amazing accuracy.

The special covert matt black non-reflective PVD finish used for this watch is often specified in military contracts for many special forces units as well as by anti-terrorist units and for various covert operations. In the PVD process, the steel is not black all the way through because the color is created by a special chemical PVD plating process which is vastly superior to the painted finish used on some lower quality watches which can easily fade or rub off. This PVD process means that the color of the steel is altered at a molecular level, therefore it will not deteriorate even during heavy usage although it can be destroyed if the case is badly damaged by a piece of metal being gouged out or if the case is worn down by really heavy abrasion against rocks or something similar.

MWC produced these watches for a contract in South America and they represent excellent value for clients who require a hassle-free low maintenance watch.

This watch is slightly larger than the standard divers watch at 45mm including the crown and 40mm excluding the crown although it uses the same 20mm NATO strap as other MWC military divers watches.

Dimensions and Specification:

  • 300m / 1000ft Water Resistant
  • Movement: Ronda 715li with 10-year battery life.
  • Screwdown locking crown
  • Width Inc Crown 45mm (Exc Crown 40mm)
  • Thickness 15mm
  • Crystal Diameter 31mm
  • Lug to Lug 49mm
  • Weight 89.5g
  • 20mm NATO Webbing Strap